Who We Are

Trinity Research Labs has been established as an independent research laboratory operating

under the aegis of the Frequency Standards and Quantum Metrology Division of the University of

Western  Australia (UWA). It is aimed at providing high-quality technical assistance in various

areas of expertise both to research projects within the UWA and to organisations outside the UWA,

nationally and internationally. Our expertise is based on decades of research and development in

some of the most challenging areas of Applied Physics such as gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic

gradiometry, advanced interferometric signal processing and ultra-low noise electronics.


Trinity Research Labs is a bunch of highly professional scientists and engineers who have teamed up

for pursuing common interests and sharing common benefits. We are legally established entity acting

under an Agreement with the UWA School of Physics and the UWA Office of Industry and Innovation.

The laboratory is based at the UWA School of Physics (Perth, Western Australia). We dedicate our free

time for the UWA educational process by providing our laboratory facility to the UWA 3d year students

to participate in our research projects. We also co-supervise the UWA PhD students.